The joy of a freefall!

DO a tandem from 3690,-              BOOKINGS 2022 are oPEN!

So you are curious about skydiving? Do you dare to try it? Come skydive with us! Or maybe buy a tandem giftcard for a loved one?

A tandem skydive is the best way to experience your first skydive. As a tandem student our experienced instructors will guide you through your first free fall experience!

Tandem skydiving is a great activity that makes skydiving accessible for most people, without giving up a lot of time or resources.

Every year we do more than 600 tandem skydives. We have students between 16 and 100 years old! We normally skydive from a plane from 12500 feet, or 4000 meters.

We will free fall at approx. 200 km/h (120mph) for 40-50 seconds. Followed by a 5 - 6 minutes canopy ride with an amazing view!

We are lucky to have some of Norway's most experienced tandem instructors aiming to give you your time of your life!


Keen to buy a tandem skydive for a loved one? You can do that here. If you already have a giftcard, and want to book, you can continue as normal here.

2022 Prices

Tandem with video: 4090nok

Tandem with video and pictures: 4590nok

Tandem with video, 6+ group: 3690nok

When do we skydive?

We are skydiving everyday throughout the season. As much as the weather will allow it! 

You will find an overview of when we are skydiving here.

Remember to double check the forecast before you visit. For safety reasons we try to avoid skydiving in rain and strong wind.

Please give us a call for the local and daily forecast update!

Health and Safety
  • Minimum age 16 years old. If you are under 18 years old, you will need a written declaration from both parents.
  • If you are older than 70 years old, you will have to show a certificate from your doctor. You can find it in the next bullet point.
  • You should be in good health. Read the self-declaration* further down. This will have to be signed upon arrival. If you are not able to sign it in good conscience, you will need a declaration from your doctor.
  • Maximum weight is 95 kg. Maximum height is 2 meters (6'6,7").
  • You must be sober upon skydiving.
  • If you are giving a tandem as a gift, the one who is to skydiving must be informed 48 hrs before take-off. This is in order to provide time in case they want to cancel.
*Medical self declaration

I hereby declare that I am in good physical health, that I do not suffer from or have been treated for any heart or kidney disease/illness, long term illnesses, diabetes, epilepsy, fainting, cramps, severe nervousness, troubled blood pressure. (If in doubt you must consult with your doctor who will have to sign F/NLF Health Declaration Form.) I am aware of the risks linked to Skydiving, I have done a conscious and independent assessment about doing a tandem skydive, and I am aware of my own responsibility relative to the risk."»

If you are unsure whether you are fit to skydive, we ask that you contact us well ahead of your booked skydive. We are here to answer your questions!

FAQ about Skydiving – click here.


When booking a tandem jump, the jump must normally be completed on the date it is booked for. If weather conditions do not allow jumping on the booked date, then the jump is moved to another date during the same season (new date can be chosen by the tandem student according to availability).

In the event of repeated failed attempts to complete the jump in the current season, the jump can be moved to the next season, at no extra cost. Further transfers of jumps to a later season can be made by agreement at an additional cost.

Under normal circumstances there are no refunds for tandem skydives. In exceptional circumstances the club will retain the NOK. 500, - administration fee. 


We successfully took all preventive measures in accordance with the Norwegian Government Guidelines. We have had thriving seasons in 2020 and 2021!


«We will provide updated information upon the 2022 Season – We are very much looking forward skydiving with you!»




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