Prices 2021

Fun jump slot price 30th April - 9th May 2021

240 NOK

Fun jump slot price

270 NOK

Registration Fee - Full Season

750 NOK

Registration Fee - Weekend (Fri-Sun)

150 NOK

Campervan plot fee

2000 NOK

Camper Van deposit

3000 NOK

Tandem Skydive w/ video 

3990 NOK

Tandem Skydive w/ video and photos

4390 NOK

Tandem Skydive w/ video (Group Discount 6+)


Second Tandem Skydive without video


AFF Full Course*

13490 NOK

AFF Level 1-3 Repeat jump

1610 NOK

AFF Level 4-7 Repeat jump

990 NOK

AFF Level 8 jump including gear rental

370 NOK

A licence checkout jump (incl instructor slot, packing and gear rental)

710 NOK

AFF Video Package (5 videos)

2550 NOK

Extra AFF video (per jump)

510 NOK

Accommodation per night

150 NOK

Cleaning fee (room and bedding - mandatory)

125 NOK

Lost Room Key

600 NOK

Rental Gear - Sport Rig (packing not included)

150 NOK

Altimeter rental per day (from AFF lvl 8)

100 NOK

Washing machine - one wash

50 NOK

Washing machine use for the season

350 NOK

*Membership to F/NLF and Skydive Oslo not included. This is to be paid individually through Min Idrett. Must be completed before first Skydive!

The price differs based on membership type (ungdom, junior, senior):

  • 485 NOK for ungdom (16 - 19 Years)
  • 1270 NOK for junior (20 - 25 Years)
  • 1680 NOK for senior (26 - 66 Years)


(not to be combined with other discounts)

Discount Level 
Vanlig slotpris

One - off fee** 

Slot Price 


Discount Level 

One - off fee** 

Slot Price 


Discount Level 

One - off fee** 

Slot Price 


**this price is not to be used for skydives. Not refundable. 

Refer a friend

Note the following:

If you want to refer a friend for AFF or Tandem; you must notify Skydive Oslo pre-booking and fill out the Referral Form.

If we are not successfully notified, we can not give you your referral fee...

  • Full Price Tandem Referral: 2 Free Fun Jumper Skydives***
  • Full price AFF referral: 4 Free Fun Jumper Skydives*** 
  • Refferal is not valid for AFF-GOLD since it is already discounted. 

Your Referral fee cannot be transferred without Skydive Oslo's approval.

*** Slot Price, maximum 270 NOK