Team training at Skydive Oslo

Team Training 2021


Skydive Oslo wants to invite all teams to be able to practice and sharpen their skills at our DZ. We can offer great facilities with accommodation, kitchen/bbq, and endless showers and saunas. The DZ has full time packers, and a kiosk for the majority of the season. We can also offer separated debrief rooms. See below for detailed information about offers and contact details. 

Welcome to Østre Æra and Skydive Oslo!


Team Offers

Standard slot prices for all external teams who are not OFSK members or part of the national team.

Slot price
Minimum 30 training jumps per week
Slot price
Minimum 50 training jumps per week
NOK 250,-NOK 230,-


OFSK Members

Standard slot prices for teams who are members of OFSK. The offer also includes free bunkhouse and manifest priority.

As part of the deal, the team should be willing to offer one weekend organizing for free (max 4 jumps per day per team member), to represent OFSK on social media and as an OFSK-team during nationals 2021.

Slot price Minimum 30 jumps per 2 weeksSlot price Minimum 50 jumps per 2 weeks
NOK 230,-NOK 210,-



Terms and Conditions

Hopprisene gjelder ikke for arrangementer som f.eks. Flying Chicks, Farout Festival, Hercules hopp eller tilsvarende. Lagene betaler da normal hoppris (normal hoppris 2021 er NOK 270,-).

OFSK reserves the right to change slot prices in case of extraordinary currency changes that might cause higher fuel and plane costs. OFSK will inform the teams about this minimum 48hrs in advance.


** For more information **

Please contact for any questions, and to book team deals at Skydive Oslo.