LAGTrenING på østre-æra


Team Training 2023


Skydive Oslo wants to offer our facilities to any team that wants to train. We have a bunkhouse, kitchen, grills, showers and a sauna. We also have packers everyday there is jumping. You will also have your own debrief rooms available. Below you can see our deals, please contact if you would like to come and train at Skydive Oslo. 

Welcome to Østre Æra and Skydive Oslo!


Team Offers 2023

I 2023 tilbyr vi to hoppavtaler for lag, se mer spesifisert i eget dokument «Hoppavtaler Skydive Oslo 2023»

Deal 1: slot price - 250,- NOK with a one time payment of
2000,- NOK pr team member.
Recommended for teams doing between 30-100 team jumps.

Deal 2: slot price - 250,- NOK with a one time payment of
4000,- NOK pr team member.
Recommended for teams doing over 100 team jumps.

National team slot price: 230,- NOK.

Terms and Conditions

For deal 1 and deal 2 the terms and conditions are:

  • The one time payment is paid when the deal is made. This is non-refundable and cannot be used to pay for jumping.
  • The agreement is only valid this season and only on regular jumps. Special jumps such as: innhopps, oxygen jumps, night jumps, events etc. will have a separate price.
  • The team must attend NM the same season and represent a norwegian club.
  • The team must contain at least 2 people. Exceptions for canopy pilots can be made.
  • All members of the team must be a member of a norwegian club.
  • The deal can only be used for team jumping.
  • Possibilities for pre-manifesting.

Lagkonto lages i resepsjonen og man må selv huske å nevne Ɵl manifest at det skal trekkes fra lagkonto når man manifesterer seg. Ser mer under eget dokument «Hoppavtaler Skydive Oslo 2023».


** For more information **

Please contact for questions.