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The whole course normally takes place at Østre Æra. The courses during the course of a week, starting at with arrival at 16.00 on Sunday evenings and beginning ground training at 17.00. During the course you will stay together in our on site accommodation . We have the country's most beautiful facilities with changing rooms, sauna, shared kitchen and fireplace lounge. This is where we gather together as a community in the evenings, sometimes even to share a joint dinners.

It is possible to buy a fully catered week package in the kiosk, alternatively you must at least bring food for Sunday evening and Monday morning. Detailed information is sent to all students before the start of the course.


There are very strict requirements to become an AFF instructor in Norway. In addition to possessing good coaching qualities, one must also be a very skilled and experienced parachutist.


The student equipment is the same for all course types and consists of:
- a skydiving rig (container, main canopy, reserve canopy and automatic activation device)
- Altimeter
- Helmet
- Goggles


You can borrow all of the above throughout the student period. You must bring appropriate clothes and shoes that support the ankles. Sturdy sneakers are recommended.

Health and Safety

- Minimum age 16 years old. If you are under 18 years old, you will need a written declaration from both parents.
Maximum weight is 100kg.
- You must have undergone a medical check-up (medical form can be downloaded here).
- In order to skydive you must have attended an approved skydiving course.
- Your membership should be paid via Min Idrett before your first jump.


AFF course

The AFF course price is 13 490,- * and includes:
- complete ground course
- 7 jumps with instructor(s)
- Videos of two of your jumps
- Loan of skydiving rig, altimeter, jumpsuit and helmet during your 7 jumps with instructor(s).
- Logbook to record you jumps, a pair of goggles, and a pair of gloves. These will be given out at the start of the course and are included in the course price.
- Packing course resulting in a packing certificate.
- Required insurance.
- Accommodation during the week of the course.
- A certificate course - mandatory safety seminar to conclude your time as a student.

AFF course registration click here.
Påmelding til AFF-Gull – click here.

*Membership payment will be required in addition, you can register and pay though Min Idrett and must do so before your first jump. The price for this varies according to you membership type (youth, junior, senior etc).


The cost for F/NLP and Skydive Oslo membership will be in addition to the course fee.

– 590,- for youth (16-19yrs old)
– 1180 ,- for junior (20-25 yrs old)
– 1580,- for senior (26-60 yrs old)

Membership is valid until the end of the course and includes a subscription to the magazine Fritt Fall. Membership must be registered and paid for via Min Idrett and must be paid before your first jump. More information will be sent out upon registration. Age is calculated from the year you turn.

Static line conversion
  • Currently, we do not offer static line courses at Østre Æra, but we can convert static line students to AFF, regardless of the level reached. Feel free to contact us for for information on your specific situation.
Doctor's Certificate

Everyone taking a Skydiving course in Norway must have undergone a medical examination by a doctor. The doctor must then fill in a separate form Doctor's certificate for skydiving which you should bring with you to the course. This should be completed no longer than three months before you begin the course.

For all courses you must pay a minimum deposit of 4000 NOK when you register to reserve your place. The remaining amount should be paid no later than 4 weeks before the start of the course.


COVID-19 INFO: We are taking the necessary measures to protect against the spread of Covid-19. We ensure social distancing as far as possible, avoid sharing equipment and have thorough cleaning protocols in place.

Egenerklæringsskjema skal fylles ut HVER DAG på hoppfeltet: click here.

Cancellation Policy

- Over a month before the course, we keep 1000 NOK.
- Between one week and one month before the course, we keep the 4000 NOK deposit.
- Less than one week before the course, we keep the total amount minus the cost of the jumps.

Please bring a completed copy of the doctors certificate with you to the course.

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