We are using BURBLEME!

The manifest experience of a lifetime!

You need BurbleMe app on your phone to jump at Skydive Oslo.

We recommend that you do as usual in life an always keep your phone with you, even when you jump. Then we know where you are and how you're doing if you land out.

On this page you will find all the information you need to register and get ready for a new season in freefall!


Before you enter Reception to register, make sure to have the following ready:

  • Screenshots of you Licence, Membership and Insurance for 2023 fra MinIdrett.
    • On the app: You will find insurance under «Lisens» in MinIdrett. Your license and club membership under «Mine kort«. Confirmation payment membership FNLF is under ««Kontigenter og avgifter"» in Min Idrett.
    • On a PC: Insurance under «Lisenser». Your license under «Kurs – Oppnådd kompetanse«. Confirmation payment FNLF membership under «Betaling».
  • Jumping your own gear? Bring it for an inspection of airworthiness.
  • Download and register a user on BurbleMe – more info below!

Register your personal User

If you have not used BurbleMe before, you should start by downloading BurbleMe and registering. Check out the video on the left!

Download from AppStore or GooglePlay. Remember to keep updating the final version!

If you do not have access to a phone or computer, reception can help you register a user on BurbleMe. 


Dropzone Functions

BurbleMe offers many different Dropzone Functions! Most of these will in time be available at Skydive Oslo.
Check out the video!

Remember to add Skydive Oslo as a DZ. 

For now we will keep manifesting through Manifest! 



Check-in and Check-out

Everyday before you can manifest you will need to Check-In. This is done through the "Check In" button at the bottom of your BurbleMe-App. Doing this you will also have to self-declare a Covid-19 form.

After an awesome day jumping you might want to "Check-Out". This is completed the same way as when you checked in. If you forget, manifest might be kind and do it for you!